Online Elective Classes

You are now able to register for online elective classes through the NC Builder Institute. These classes are unique from our live virtual classes. Online classes are available on-demand as either a two- or four-hour elective class.  These classes MUST be completed by November 30, 2023 or you will NOT receive credit.

BT111 – OL NC Residential Energy Code Chapter 11 Changes (2-hour)

PM107 – OL Building Codes (4-hour)

Important Information:

  • Students will have 30 days to complete the course from initial enrollment. Students who do not complete the course within 30 days will need to re-register and complete the entire course.
  • To fulfill your annual CE requirement, you must also complete the 2-hour 2023 Mandatory Class. If you need to renew your 2022 license, an online version is available through the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors website. For a $20 discount, you may use the code NCGC0001. Click here to register.
  • Online courses will NOT be available to purchase, start or complete after November 30th (annual CE deadline), or during the month of December.  Any class completed between December 1–31, 2023 CANNOT be turned into the NCLBGC for credit regardless of when the class was purchased.