Project Description

CS101 - Planning for Outstanding Service

4 hours

Outstanding customer service just doesn't happen. It requires commitment, planning and discipline. This curriculum identifies the philisophical imperatives for builders and remodelers interested in establishing an effective customer service program for their company and the foundational steps necessary to implement a successful customer service program in their business.

CS102 - Selling Service Excellence

4 hours

Effective marketing of your company's service exellence can yield big dividends. However, to effectively use customer service as a marketing tool, one must consistently deliver Positive Outrageous Service (POS). This course explores the definition of POS, the benefits of POS, the steps to POS and methods the builder/remodeler can utilize to market POS including the use of social media.

CS103 - Common Contracting Mistakes Caused by Poor Communication

2 hours

This course will help students to better understand the need to, and how to, communicate with trade partners, suppliers and the client. There will be applied learning in "mirroring" listening techniques to help the student learn how to communicate clearly with another party. What is learned will then be applied in case study format.

CS201 - Exceeding your Customers Expectations

4 hours

Consistently exceeding the customer’s expectations is a challenge in any business but especially for the home builder and remodeler. The key is effective management of the customer’s expectations. This course focuses on methods to help the builder/remodeler identify, establish and better manage customer expectations. The curriculum also explores the importance of effective interpersonal and communication skills, as well as techniques available to assess how effectively the company is at meeting the customer’s expectations. Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS

CS202 - Building Quality In: A Foundation for Builders & Remodelors

4 hours

What is quality? Who determines how quality is defined? What are the benefits of building quality in? How does one consistently "build quality in?" These are just a few of the questions addressed by this course. Other topics include: guidelines for establishing a quality assurance/management program for your company and techniques for managing trade contractor quality. The curriculum also includes a case study.

CS203 - Warranty: Keys to Warranty Service

4 hours

This course is a fast paced interactive course that focuses on builder/remodeler warranty obligations as defined by NC General Statue and applicable federal law. Topics include: construction defects, the 1 year builder warranty, implied and express warranties, insurance backed warranties, consumer product warranties, and customer service. This cours is a must for all builders and remodelers.

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