Project Description

DS102 - Blue Print Reading

4 hours

Accurate estimating and ultimately a profitable job starts with properly reading drawings. Using a full set of house plans we will understand how to read and calculate quantities from the simple to the complex. More accuracy equals more money. Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS

DS103 - What’s New with Kitchen and Bath Trends

2 hours

We will summarize information provided by national organizations and speakers relating to the hottest trends for kitchen and bath designs that we are seeing today. Then we will discuss these trends from both a national and regional standpoint.

DS201 - Space Planning: Dynamic Floor Plan and Design tips to Increase Profits

2 hours

Space planning is a fundamental element of every home. In this course you will learn the ins and outs of incorporating dynamic space plan details into your homes through focal points, accent walls, circulation and organizing spaces to work effectively together while using space efficiently. Space planning impacts lighting, circulation, comfort, functionality and implementing these elements into your project will boost desirability and profits. Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS

DS202 - Design Principles for Home Builders and How to Incorporate Them into any Home

2 hours

When you know the basic interior design principles you can transform any home to impress. You know what it feels like when you walk into a well-designed room. You can sense how everything feels cohesive and intentionally designed. It feels just right. In this course you’ll learn how you can achieve that effect in your own homes with the knowledge of basic design principles, or through the right designer partnership. Pair that knowledge with practice and experimentation and you’ll be well on your way to building homes that impress. Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS

DS203 - Design Principles, Elements and Space Planning Basics for Builders

4 hours

The purpose of this course is to expound on the basic principals and elements of Interior Design for a better understanding of the impact they have on today's homes. You’ll learn the importance of trending aesthetic, good functionality, aging in place practices, and the impact design has on comfort, maneuverability, and desirability.

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