Project Description

DV301 - Making a Development Deal Work

8 hours

This course will focus on the intricacies of successful land acquisition and development of raw land.

DV302 - Remodeling Can Be Fun

4 hours

With higher profits, remodeling can offer a diversified approach toyour new construction company. This course will focus on how to integrate remodeling as a successful entity within your new home construction company.

DV303 - Commercial Construction

4 hours

Diversifying into different related businesses can sometimes be of benefit to the residential home builder. Commerical construction could be a good diversity match for the contractor ready to take their company to the next level. This course will examine how a residential builder mgiht incorporate commercial construction into their existing business. Organization of the company, skills needed, subcontractor base, pricing, and marketing of the business are just a few of the details that will be discussed.

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