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CA101 - Basic: Computerized Construction Management & Technology

4 hours

Provides guidelines for selecting appropriate hardware and software for your building business. Highlights include how computers can asist in accounting, estimating, scheduling, purchase order control, work processing inventory management and warranty control.

CA102 - Internet Boot Camp

4 hours

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CA103 - Excel 101: Tools and Tricks to Improve Estimating

8 hours

This is a beginner's course in Excel for students who would like to utilize the power of spreadsheets. Starting with the basics of using spreadsheets, we will then discuss ways to format the spreadsheets to develop a customized, accurate and efficient estimating program for your company. We will create two programs- one for estimating and one for lead tracking- both of which are critical to improving profitability of your company and decreasing the amount of time spent on estimating. Requirement – you must bring your own laptop with Microsoft Excel. Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS

CA201 - Intermediate: Computerized Construction Management & Technology

4 hours

Computerized job costing, accounts payable and general ledger provide the foundation of construction accounting. This intermediate class goes beyond CA101 and into purchase orders, subcontractor control, work orders, payroll, budget controls, scheduling, billings, draws and general ledger reconciliations. Electronic file organization, security and electronic communications will also be discussed.

CA202 - Intermediate Wireless Field Communication Boot Camp

4 hours

Recommended for students with a strong computer background. An advanced look at the Internet, e-commerce and other specialties. Learn how to use the Web from the job site to assist in communication to other departments and more.

CA203 - Turnkey Computerized Construction Management & Technology

8 hours

This class will start with the basics of computerized construction accounting and will move in to intermediate construction accounting applications. Then, it will wrap up with advanced construction management applications. Electronic file communications, software platforms and staffing considerations also will be reviewed.

CA301 - Advanced: Computerized Construction Management & Technology

4 hours

Going beyond CA101 and CA201, this class will review job cost control, job cost committed and uncommitted budgeting, reporting, reconciliations and assembly based estimating. Field purchase orders and work orders will be discussed. Back office technology to the field and suppliers will also be reviewed.

CA302 - Advanced Computer Security for the Back Office & Web Usage

8 hours

Not currently being offered - Due to constantly changing technologies, we are revamping this course to make it more relevant.

CA303 - Mastering Excel: The Everyday Tool

4 hours

This class is not for beginners. Students will learn how to build spreadsheets for estimating, managing data, financial analysis, complex formulas, macros, combining multiple spreadsheets, mapping data, and much more. Learn to use Excel as a total, everyday, business management tool. Designations: AMB, AMA

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