Project Description

LD309 - Building with Ethics

4 hours

Ethics is a subject that no one ever wants to talk about, yet everyone wants to claim that they are ethical. Public Perception demands that persons and companies they deal with be ethical, yet few understand it. This course will examine what it means to be ethical both personally and professionally through by definition and to look at real life ethical dilemmas that come up in the construction industry. Being ethical is not as easy as we want to make it. Students will learn an increased awareness on what it means to be ethical and skills to improve ethical behavior.

LD310 - What Makes Us Tick?

4 hours

Why did She do that? What was He thinking? Throughout history great minds have provided explanations for the motives of human action. Modern psychology has developed theories for motivation and intrinsic drives. This course will examine the most prevalent theories and how they have influenced what we know about What Makes Us Tick. Beyond just theory, students will learn how these theories apply to purchase decision influences, personal relationships, experience choices and how they might be used to influence and motivate desired behavior changes.

LD311 - Different Strokes for Different Folks

4 hours

While we like to think I am the "normal" one, the fact is that everyone is different, an understatement. For some 2,500 years great thinkers have worked to classify, or typology different personalities or temperaments. This class will examine generally accepted personality types and allow the participant to understand his/her own personality type. A personality sorter test will be completed in class by each participant. Insights into the four major temperament types and further into 16 personality types.

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