Project Description

MK101 - Developing a Marketing Plan

4 hours

Successful business owners understand the importance of a business plan, however many fall short of marketing their business properly. In this course, students will learn the components of, and begin writing, their own marketing plan. We will also identify all the relevant areas to invest your resources, establish an annual marketing budget, and ultimately increase your sales!

MK104 - Marketing- Creating an Outstanding Company in a Traditional Industry

2 hours

Have you ever thought, “Wow, that was a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?” Well, we are going to discuss some unique ideas on how to market you and your business. We are going to look at out-of-the-box ideas that may actually be right in front of us. We want to focus on being the outstanding company in an otherwise ordinary industry.

MK105 - Digital Marketing

4 hours

In today's world being relevant means being digitally savvy. Our customers expect for us to have an easy to find 24/7 presence on line. The content we provide must be rich, relevant and engaging to our buyers and our clients. Companies that understand how to be found and how curate a top notch buyer experience are and will continue to gain market share.

MK202 - Internet Marketing for the Building Professional

4 hours

Do you have a great Web site but not one can find it? Does your Web site does not portray the quality of company that you are? Confused about Internet Search Engines? Is Search Engine marketing for you? Learn how to leverage the power of the Internet marketing in this informative seminar!

MK203 - Don’t Sell Yourself Short

2 hours

Yes, I can build or remodel a house (so say my clients), but I just don’t seem to have enough work. Yet that other builder down the street seems to have plenty. Want more or better work? This class may be the answer. Focus will be strictly on the tools, knowledge, and skills to help you sell your building business. No gimmicks and not another marketing class. This class focuses totally on making the sale.

MK204 - Achieving Higher Appraised Value for your Better Building Practices

2 hours

Many NC Builders build above code but often do not see a return on their investment. This class shares methods for achieving increased appraised value for high performance homes and highlights best practices in communicating with our real estate partners.

MK205 - The 3 Secrets to a WOW Website that Grows your Business

2 hours

A website presence is necessary for all businesses in the modern age. However, building a useful, beautiful website that converts visitors into customers can be difficult. In this course, students will learn the seven secrets to building and maintaining an effective website. Learn how to measure the success of the website after launch and how to monitor site performance on an on-going basis. Learn what questions to ask your website designer and what to expect for your investment. Benchmark your website analytics against other businesses in the industry.

MK301 - Green Marketing: Myths, Lessons Learned and the Future

4 hours

During this session we will review the changes that have taken place in green marketing over the years and discuss where that leaves us today. Several years ago, few builders offered green options, the market was led by pioneers and systems were engineered by the builder. Green consumers were primarily early adopters and the masses needed a lot of educating -- It was at best a niche market. How can you capitalize on this opportunity? This presentation will cover the complexities of the green consumer and how to best communicate green home attributes. We will review lessons learned by those builders who led the way in green marketing and showcase examples of successful campaigns and marketing tactics.

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